About me

I am a Textile Technician in the field of wet processing since last more than 30 years;  worked in various sectors and positions. I wish to share my experience through this portal. Anyone who wishes to send his suggestion or comment on any topic or article may feel free to send it to the mail id thesmarttime@yahoo.co.in

S.Baba Partheban

About this website

This is a collection of useful information related to textile processing. The content are mostly reproduced from various sources. Ofcourse the original experience of me and my friends were also published in this site for the welfare of textile processing people. This site is divided in to the following major topics -

1. Textile preparation, 2. Textile dyeing, 3. Textile finishing, 4.Textile Printing, 5. Textile Testing, 6. Textile News, 7. Pollution & Control.

Textile Preparation

In preparation of textiles, you can see articles on preparation or pretreatment of cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic, lycra, modal and many other fibers in the form of yarn, fabric and garments.

Textile Dyeing

In textile dyeing, I have provided processing techniques and tip on various substrates and its blends with suitable dyestuff in various types of machines.

Textile Finishing

In Textile finishing, I have given details process techniques and tips for finishing various fabric blends for various finishes like wrinkle free finish etc.

Textile Printing

In this section, I have provided details on printing of various subtrates with various dyestuff classes on flat-bed, rotary printing machines. I have discussed about tie and dye also in this section.

Textile Testing

From raw materials to finished goods a textile processors should know what are norms for each product, finish etc, so that he can test himself and check whether the inputs and outputs on required quality standards.

Textile News

Latest news and developments that are going on around the world by manufacturers and R&D people.

The users can also share there finding in this platform

Pollution & Control

Now we hear and see everywhere GREEN, GO GREEN, ECO FRIENDLY, GLOBAL WARMING and other slogans. As a chemical industry coming under Orange category of pollution norms, in this section can see the conventional to latest techniques in water treatment.