Stripping of Reactive dyed cheese yarn.



What is the best method for stripping a reactive dyed material in cheese form?

We should avoid as for as possible to strip the entire color after dyeing. Whatever may the method of stripping and however may you take care, there would definitely be loss of strength, loss softness and lustre.
So, as for as possible, take maximum care and produce good batches.

If you want to strip try to do it at one stroke. The recipe for stripping is
- Caustic (solid) = 2.5 gms/liter
- Hydros = 2.5 gms/liter
- Leveling Agent= 1.0 gm/liter
Run at 80°C for 60 minutes. Out-In = 5 minutes and In-out = 3 minutes.

After this do hot wash 2 times 20 minutes each, followed by neutralization with Acetic Acid 3 gml/liter at 50°C for 20 minutes.

Cold wash, Drain and finish.

Almost 100% stripping in to white base is possible with the above method.

If the shade is a Turq Blue or Blue R combination, please increase the caustic and hydros dosage by 30%.