Disperse Blue SR dyeing



Please suggest a dying method to avoid speckyness/leveling problems in conc. dyes. Such as Blue SE2RI/Blue SR/N. Blue EXP



Almost all Blues and especially Navy Blue’s, are very sensitive to pH change. These dyestuffs require a minimum pH of 4.5 to 5, throughout the dyeing process; otherwise patchy and specky dyeing would invariable be the end result.

The following dyeing recipe and procedure will do away with the above problems.

Blue dyestuff = x %
Invadine TOP = 1 gpl (anionic dispersing & leveling agent – BASF)
Formic Acid = 0.25 gpl
Ammonium Sulphate = 1.0 gpl

Start dyeing by first adding all the chemicals and auxiliary at 50°C and run 1 cycle (10 minutes)
Add dissolved dyestuff solution and run 10 minutes at 50°C
Raise temperature to 115°C @ 2°C/minute
From 115°C to 135°C (for blacks 140°C) raise temperature @ 0.5°C/minute
Run at 135°C for 30 to 45 minutes (for black at 140°C for 45 to 60 minutes).
Cool down to 80°C and then drain
No washing – Fill water and add
Cylclonon ECO (BASF) = 2 gpl
Acetic Acid = 2 gpl
Start at 50°C and raise temperature to 80°C @ 3°C/minute
Run at 80°C for 15 minutes
Cold wash
Unload the batch
The above procedure may be used for all disperse dyeing to avoid problems that may occur time to time.