How to remove mildew from fabric?


How to remove mildew from fabrics?:

Appearance of mildew or fungus on moist natural fabrics or yarn is a common defect that may be noticed before processing if the mildew degradation of fabric is prominent. In the beginning stage the mildew appears as pale yellow spots and slowly this yellow spots mature in to page green, then blue or violet and finally in to dark black spots.

Mildew can be effectively removed by dilute hypochlorite treatment on the affected area.

If the fabric is a dyed one, spot the fabric on the unaffected area with dilute hypochlorite solution. Check for change or destruction of shade. If it does not happen, you can treat the fabric on any batch processing machine with dilute 1 to 2 gram per liter of Sodium Hypochlorite.

On the other hand, if the fabric is a greige or white, you can go for a hypochlorite bleach followed by a peroxide bleach.

To avoid mildew formation during storage of wet fabric ( while in processing), at no stage keep it wet under mild acid conditions. The acidic pH and wet condition, favor the bacterial action. Keep all wet fabric under perfect neutral or slightly alkaline pH and avoid bacterial action.

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