Canvas Processing - an overview


PVC Coated Fabrics
Our PVC coated fabrics are used for applications such as: architectural structures, tents, water tanks, inflatable boats (including 3-D drop stitch for floors), oil booms etc. We offer a wide variety of PVC coated fabrics, more than 50 PVC fabrics and most of them are offered in a wide range of colors.

Elvaloy Coated Fabrics

Elvaloy is a high-molecular thermo-plastic polymer that has outstanding features. Elvaloy functions as a plasticizer that will not migrate. The result is a coating that fights weathering and chemical attacks and maintains a soft touch feeling and a permanent flexibility. It can be welded or glued with our specially formulated adhesive. Fabrics coated with Elvaloy are suited for geo-membranes, roofing, oil booms, flexible tanks and inflatable boats. We offer 15 standard fabrics coated with Elvaloy blend.

Polyurethane Coated Fabrics
Polyurethane coated fabrics can be offered with a wide range of characteristics. Polyether based formulations are suitable for fuel contact, polyester based formulations are better suited to resist to water and humidity. Many other specifications can be added to PU coated fabrics: fire retardancy, air tightness, abrasion resistance etc. We offer more than 75 standard PU fabrics for flexible tanks, inflatable boats, oil booms etc.

Neoprene Coated Fabrics
Neoprene (CR) coated fabrics are generally resistant to mild chemicals and aliphatic hydrocarbons, zone,selected oils and solvents. Fabrics coated with Neoprene offers good airtightness and are used in safety, marine inflatable equipment and industrial applications. Polyester and Nylon fabrics coated with Neoprene are considered for their
general purpose characteristics. We offer more than 35 standard Neoprene coated fabrics.

Hypalon Coated Fabrics
Hypalon, CSM, is very resistant to weather, ozone, water and aging. Fabrics coated with Hypalon are used for protective clothing, roofing, dock seals, automotive belows and other industrial applications. Also, easily colored, they are widely used for inflatable boats and white water rafts. We offer more than 30 standard Hypalon coated fabrics, in addition, some references are offered in a multitude of colors.

Nitrile Coated Fabrics
Nitrile (NBR) is generally resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and a variety of other chemicals. Fabrics coated with Nitrile are used for high quality aprons and gloves. Industrial applications include seals, membranes and gaskets. The NBR/PVC grade improves its ozone resistance allowing its use for flexible fuel tanks. We offer 18 standard references of Nitrile or Pvc/Nitrile fabrics.