Gas Singeing




Gas Singeing :

Singeing may be a preparatory or finishing operation in the cotton fabric processing. The pre-heated wet fabric would be passed through flame nozzles at suitable speed and contact time, depending on the quantity of pills, the type of fabric etc., to burn away the protruding fibers and thus making the fabric surface smooth and soft.

The gasing operation has nowadays been done on yarn also and that process is called gasing of yarn. This is also to remove the pills from the yarn and make it smooth.

Normally singeing is an opration carried out when the fabric is in greige form. This would be the first operation followed by desizing using an enzyme.

Gas singeing is a subject of larger study. The first and fore most operation in wet processing creates many quality problems,if done it in a haphazard way. The flame contact time,flame height, the moisture content of the fabric going through the flame, the quenching of fire after the gasing ,all determine the quality of singeing.