Mosquito Repellant Finish


Application on Textiles:
Mosquito menace has been spread all over the world and people tend to evolve one or the other solution protect themselves. One such solution is to prepare garments that repel mosquitos. The novel idea of microencaptulation has been used to store some mosquito repellant that does not affect human skin.

Microcapsules containing citronella essential oil were prepared by complex coacervation and applied to cotton textiles in order to study the repellent efficacy of the obtained fabrics. Citronella released from treated textiles was indirectly monitored by the extractable content of its main components. Repellent activity was assessed by exposure of a human hand and arm covered with the treated textiles to Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Fabrics treated with microencapsulated citronella presented a higher and longer lasting protection from insects compared to fabrics sprayed with an ethanol solution of the essential oil, assuring a repellent effect higher than 90% for three weeks. Complex coacervation is a simple, low cost, scalable and reproducible method of obtaining encapsulated essential oils for textile application. Repellent textiles were achieved by padding cotton fabrics with microcapsules slurries using a conventional pad-dry method. This methodology requires no additional investment for textile finishing industries, which is a desirable factor in developing countries.

There are mosquito repellent products that are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. The active ingredients are natural aromas, extracted from plants. These are not a kill-type products, many kill- type products have a high toxicity and research is currently being focused on repellent types that are not noxious to the human body.

The micro encapsulated grade of products are most suitable for pad application on textiles. The capsule wall is specifically designed to endure the process of pad application and drying / curing times of 150/160°C

One can apply these type of products using spray techniques also.