Sueding /peaching - brushing/emerizing




From a light sueding effect up to the classical peach-skin effect


Use: For wovens and knitteds of natural and synthetic fibres and all kinds of blends.
The fabric is guided horizontally over 5 sueding rollers and delivered by a plaiter or rolled on big batch. The range of effects is versatile, from a slight sueding effect up to the so-called peach-skin effect.

6 Improvement of touch, i.e. fabric surface becomes softer and more voluminous,
  so touch will be more textile-like, especially important in case of synthetic fibres.
5 Creation of a pile, depending on kind of fabric a flannel or peach-skin effect
4 Pleasant to the skin and comfortable wearing
3 Additionally to the softer touch, also a wanted „softer“ appearance with regard to colours
  and contours depending on kind of fabric.
2 Used character
1 „Cleaning“ of fabric surface

For effect formation a variety of parameters, all reproducible, can be used: Fabric tension, emery coverings, sense of rotation of sueding rollers, fabric speed, variable angle of contact of each sueding roller and sueding roller rotating speed (option).
A heating plate and a steamer in the machine entry serve to improve effects and to eliminate creases resulting from storage.