Ammonia Mercerization


Stable shaping process technology opens the doors to fashion, a transitory fantasy determining the form, color, design and new effects of textiles and clothing. This process, presently, is typical in fashionable cotton industry products and is also one of the mature technologies developed in textile and fibre industry. The features such as fitness, comfort, easiness to stretch, etc, are highly desired today.

New purified cotton is a quality product material made using this high technology, that overcomes the traditional flaws of shrinkage, wrinkled clothes, and improves dramatically the natural properties of softness, comfort of cotton.

Liquid ammonia finishing or Liquid ammonia mercerising’ refers to the process that truly revives the cotton through the expansion of liquid ammonia at an ultra-low temperature inside the fibre. When the cotton fibre is treated at -33ø C liquid ammonia, ammonia at ultra low temperature will permeate immediately into the crystallographic structure of the fibre. Stress will be released through interior expansion, which makes the fibre cavity round and smooth and rearranges the molecular structure, thus the crystallographic structure becomes slack and stable. This physical change makes the surface of the entire fabric smooth and bright, with solid and soft feel, so elasticity and wash-and-wear is fully achieved.

The benefits of liquid ammonia mercerising lies in the following effects that can be achieved simultaneously:

  • Low shrinkage post washing
  • Increase in wrinkle resistance
  • Increase in fibre elasticity
  • Softer to touch and brighter
  • Enhanced tensile strength

Mercerising and resin finishing:

Compared to mercerising or resin finishing, though mercerising has the ability of anti-shrinkage, it cannot attain anti-crease and softness; while resin finishing enhances anti-crease with the strength decreasing.

Source: AKM Trading Corporation