Pretreatment of Cotton/Cellulose fabric & its blends

Water Quality and Analysis: Water is the life line for any wet processing. Better the quality of water better would be the quality of dyeing. Read more ...

Scouring of polyester/cotton blends:
Scouring is mainly designed to remove the natural oils and waxes from the
cotton portion and the finish oils which manufacturer add to polyester fibres when
extruded. Blends of polyester/cotton can be scoured with alkaline scouring agents
as per conditions shown in Table. Trisodium phosphate can also be used as an

Alkaline Scouring Conditions for Polyester/Cotton Blends

Scouring of Polyester/Cotton blends
Equiment Scouring Agent & conditions
Jigger Caustic soda (3%) at 70~ for 90 min or at 100~
for 15 min.
Jigger Soda Ash 5-10 gpl detergent 2-5 gpl at boil or Caustic Soda 2-5 gpl and detergent 2-5 gpl at 75 deg celcius.
Winch Caustic Soda 1-2 gpl or Soda Ash 2-5 gpl at 75 deg celcius.
Pad-Steam Soda-ash (5-10 g/l) and detergent (2-5 g/l), 100%
pick-up, steaming at 100~ for 30-60 min.


100% Cotton woven fabric has to be pretreated as below:

Singeing/Desizing: - to remove protruding fibers raised during weaving and further mechanical operations flame singeing is done. Read more...

Scouring and Bleaching:- to remove the natural impurities and coloring matter from the cotton cellulose and to make it uniformly absorbent.

Mercerization:- to impart lusture and strength to the cellulose in addition to make it highly absorbent.

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