Analysis of Auxiliary chemicals used in textile processing


Auxiliary Chemicals:

Textile auxiliaries are defined as chemicals of formulated chemical products that enables a processing operation in preparation, dyeing,prinitng or finising to be carried our more effectively of which is essential if a given effect is to be obtained. Certain textile chemicals are also required in order to produce special finishing effects such as wash & wear, water replellant, flame retardancy, aroma finish, anti odor, color deepaening etc. The prime consideration in the choice of Textile Materials is the purpose for which they are intended. The modern tendency is towards an insistence on color which is fast to light, washing,rubbing and bleaching; the movement makes a great demand on dyeing.Auxiliaries, dyes and dye intermediates play an important role in textile processing.

Testing standard parameters of auxilairy chemicals is very important. There are many competitors claiming their products ae equivalent or better than a particular one we are using at present. Moreover some vendors claim that their products have some unique special properities that we cannot find with others'.

All these things have to be proved in addition to the batch to batch supply uniformity in quality.Only if we are using a known quality at known dosage we can produce a consistent quality fabric. To safeguard this we should have proper procedure and method of testing and recording the quality of auxiliary chemicals.