Antimicrobial tests to find the effectiveness of treatment


The Antimicrobial finish is imparted to the fabric or garment to eradicate the following problems during the usage of the material. After finishing the material it should pass one of the or all the following tests as required by the customer.

Finish type


Area of application

Material protection

(rot proofing)- Long term

Loss of tensile strength in use.

Loss of tensile strength during Storage

Tents, webbings, awnings

Storage of all cellulosic goods

Material protection

(rot proofing)- Short term

Loss of tensile strength

Cotton, Viscose, Flax, Jute and Wool fabrics, fibers and yarns left wet between processing


Odor staining


Socks, underwear linings,

Shower curtains

Staining, odor

Storage of fibers, yarns and fabrics with high humidity (climate or storage)


Storage of packaged non-cellulosic textiles under fluctuating temperature conditions


All textiles left wet between processing

Difficult to launder dust mites

Bedding, mattresses, carpets, upholstery


Protective clothing