Color Fastness to Hydrolysis


Fastness to Hydrolysis

Marks & Spencer C10:
Perborate Fastness or Fastness to Hydrolysis:
Wet out and immerse sample in a freshly prepared solution of sodium tetra-hydrate containing 0.4 g/l available oxygen at 50C, liquor ratio 50:1. Place in a drying cabinet at 50C for 15 minutes. Rinse twice in cold distilled water, 10 minutes in cold running tap water and dry in warm air at max 60C.

Marks & Spencer C11:
Soak test sample without adjacent fabric in a detergent solution (4 g/l ECE Color Fastness Test Detergent-77 and 1 g/l sodium perborate tetra-hydrate) at 20C. Then assess the water fastness (ISO E01) together with multifibre fabric "DW".

Change of Shade:

  1. Un-soaked compared with soaked dyeing before water fastness.
  2. Un-soaked dyeing (test sample compared with dyeing) after water fastness
  3. Soaked dyeing (test sample compared with dyeing) after water fastness
a) Un-soaked dyeing as in 2)
b) Soaked dyeing as in 3)
M&S assesses only 3) and b)