title>Woven and Knit Fabric Shrinkage Testing methods

Fabric Shrinkage Tests



1. Sample size 50 cms X 50 cms
2. Marking area 35 cms X 35 cms
3. Samples weight should be 1.8kg +/- 0.1 kg
(If the sample weight is less than 1.8kg put the dummy cloth and maintain the weight of 1.8 kgs).
4.Liquour Ratio : 1:50
5.Suitable detergent (0.5%) on the weight of sample i.e 1.8kgs
6.At 400C for 60 minutes in Wash-cator.
7.Dry the sample at 600C to 650C using tumble dryer.
8.Press the sample in flat bed hot press at 1500 +/- 15°C with 30 gms/cm2 pressure.
9.Cool the sample and measure.

Shrinkage for Cotton Hosiery IS-3326

1.Liquor Ratio 1:50
2.Temperature : 30 to 35°C
3.Suitable Wetting agents (detergent) 0.5% on the weight of the hosiery sample.
4.Sample size 20 x 20 cms.
5.Marking area 14 x 15 cms (mark with marking scale).
6. Time 2 hours at 30 to 35°C
7.After that dry at room temperature.
9.Shrinkage % = [100 x (a-b)]/a
where a = Distance between two ends before treatment
b = Distance between two ends after treatment.