Flammability Tests -2.


Flammability Test Methods:

European standards
EN 1021 - 1/2 : 1994
This standard is valid throughout the EU and examines a fabric's reaction to a burning cigarette and butane flame (simulated match). It replaces a number of national tests, including DIN 54342 : 1/2 in Germany and BS 5852 : 1990 in the UK.
Test Methods
A standard test rig is constructed from fabric and foam to form a simulated chair with the back at a right angle to the base. This enables the ignition source to be kept in permanent contact with both back and seat throughout the test. Watersoak prior to testing is compulsary.

EN 1021 : Part 1
In Part 1 of the test a lighted cigarette is placed in the angle of the test rig and left to smoulder along its entire length. After 60 minutes no smouldering or flaming of the fabric should be observed.
EN 1021 : Part 2
Here a butane flame 35mm in height is used to represent a burning match and is applied for 15 seconds, again in the angle between the test rig base and back. After the flame is removed, no burning of the fabric should occur after 2 minutes have elapsed.