Quality test for softeners


There a number of varieties of funtional softeners of diiferent ionic nature are now available in the market. We should select the appropriate one according for the end use requirement and the application equipemt available.

A good softener should have the following characters:

  1. it should be stable under normal atmospheric conditions. i,e., it should nt become turbid or separate in to layers.
  2. it should be easily mixible in all proportion with water under normal temperature conditions.
  3. it should be versatile in appication - i.e., should be able to be applied by padding and exhaust methods.
  4. the fabric treated with the softener should not change in tone (shade becoming duller and yellower)after drying.
  5. the absorbency of treated fabric should not be affected until and otherwise explicitely stateted.
  6. A good softener should be odorless.
  7. The softners should be skin friendly if its used for softening under garments.

Softeners can be classified in to the following ionic classes:

  • Anionic
  • Nonionic
  • Cationic
  • Amphoteric
  • Reactive