Finding the strength of Acetic, Citric, Oxalic acids and Sod.Bicarbonate


Testing Strength of Acetic acid, Hydrochloric acid , Sulphuric acid and Oxalic acid -1

Standardisation of Sulphuric Acid: Mol Wt: 98.08 & Eq. Wt: 49.0
49 grams/litre of H2SO4 gives 1N acid.
Strength Testing of Sulphuric Acid:
Weigh accurately about 1 gram of the acid and transfer to a conical flask with D.D.Water. Add phenolphthalein indicator and titrate against 0.5N NaOH to a permanent pink colour.
% of H2SO4 = (Vol. of NaOH x N of NaOH x 49) / (Wt of Acid x 10)
Standard Norms = 96.5% to 98% w/w.

Acetic Acid Strength Testing: Mol Wt: 60.05 Eq.Wt: 60.05 Freezing Point:16.6° and Boiling Point:118°C
Weigh accurately about 0.5 gram of the sample and transfer to a conical flask using D.D.Water. The solution is titrated against 0.5N NaOH using phenolphthalein indicator. The end point is permanent pink colour.

% of AcOH =
(Vol. of NaOH x Normality of NaOH x 60) / (Wt of acid x 10)
Standard Norms : 96 to 98% w/w