Finding the strength of Acetic, Citric, Oxalic acids and Sod.Bicarbonate


Testing Strength of Acetic acid, Hydrochloric acid , Sulphuric acid and Oxalic acid -3

Potassium Permanganate: Mol Wt: 158.04 Wq.Wt = 31.61
Preparation of Standard solution: 3.161 gram of KMNO4 in 500 ml of D.D.water boiled for 30 minutes and made up to 1 litre gives 0.1N solution.
Determination of the strength of KMNO4: 20 ml of 0.1N Oxalic acid + 20 ml of 1N H2SO4 are heated to a warm temp. and titrated against KMNO4.
V1N1 = V2N2 N1= V2N2 (0.1 X 20)/burette reading of KMNO4

Oxalic Acid Strength Testing: Mol Wt:126.07 Eq.Wt :63.02
Weigh about 0.5 gram of the acid and transfer to a conical flask containing 50 ml of distilled water. Dissolve the acid completely and titrate against 0.5N NaOH using phenolphthalein as indicator.
% of HOOC-COOH.2H2O = (Vol of NaOH x N x 63)/ (wt of acid x 10)
Standard Norms = 94 to 98% w/w.

Strength of Sodium Bicarbonate: NaHCO3 :
About 1 gram of the sample accurately weighed is dissolved in distilled water and made up to 250 ml. a 50 ml of the solution is titrated against 0.1N HCl using phenolphthalein as indicator and the reading noted as Y.
Take another 50 ml of the solution and titrate against 0.1N HCl using methyl orange as indicator and the Titre value be X.
% of Sod.Bicarbonate =
[(X – 2Y) x 0.0084 x 100 x Normality of HCl)]/wt of sample in 50ml
Standard Norms: 94 to 98%.