Quality of leveling/dispersing agents


Leveling and dispersing agents:
Auxiliaries with sequestering and dispersing properties for dyeing cotton and cotton blends with reactive dyes by controlled coloration process are marketed as leveling and dispersing agents. Efficient nitrogen free, non-foaming sequestering agent with excellent sequestering action against calcium, magnesium, and  heavy metals are selectively used for the purpose of leveling in reactive dyeing.

These leveling agents are stable to high temperatures and effective over a wide pH range.

Nowadays it becomes a practice  to use these leveling agents in all regular and complicated shades of reactive dyeing.

The ionic nature of these type of leveling agents are either non-ionic or anionic.

Benefits of leveling agents:

  1. Eliminates calcium and magnesium precipitation or lime soap deposits on textile  goods and prevents scale formation on machinery.
  2. Improves water absorbency and softness of fabrics.
  3. improves winding properties of yarn
  4. improves brightness of dyeing
  5. improves level dyeing performance of reactive dyes
  6. improves reproducibility of dyeing
  7. prevents precipitation of dyestuff
  8. prevents shade changes caused by traces amounts of heavy metal ions.
  9. reduces possibilities of spots on dyed fabric

Test Methods for quality and consistency:

Specific gravity:
Accurately weigh 10 ml of the leveling agent. Specific gravity = Volume/Mass. Note down the value and do this test whenever your receive a new consignment and compare against the first supply.

Solid content: 
Refer procedure of wetting agent.

pH of 1% solution: 
Dissolve 1 gram of the leveling agent in 100 ml of distilled water.

Ionic Nature:
Check the stability of this product against the addition of acid and alkali under processing temperature of 70C